22 September 2017

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What is Chiavari Chair ' Short Introduction

Chiavari Chair is a odd name with it's complicated spelling and pronounce, it is named after a ancient Italian city. The first edition of chiavari chair is very different from now, many versions had been created over years and the most recent design appealing in 1955 is still very popular today.

The chair is very famous and they were used to present at great events like the Grammys and the Oscar parties. You can see them in most of the parties and events. It is most favorite chair for weddings now.

The maker of chiavari chair is name Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, a skillful craftsman in Italy. The chair is created around 1870 and before that, Marquis Stefano Rivarola brought many very elegant chairs back from a trip to France, he gave the chairs to Giuseppe. The chiavari chair is created according to these chair. So the chair is created in Italy but the idea is from France. Gaetano did a lot of improvement to the chairs and make the chiavari chairs today.

Descalzi wanted to create a lightweight, utilitarian, yet elegant, chair. As the chairs gained popularity, multiple new versions have emerged. The whole chair is lightweight but strong. The chair was sold throughout the world and the small shop of the craftsman was visited by princes and kings. In 1825, two kings and queens visited him were king Carlo Felice of Sardinia, Francis I, king of the Two Sicilies with their wives. Francis I made a n order of more than a hundred seats.

Chiavari chairs today come in a variety of finishes and materials including wood, aluminum, steel and resin. A few of the major benefits of these chairs are listed below.

Chiavari chairs come in a wide range of colors to fit all decors. Some of the most popular colors include Gold, White, Silver and Mahogany.
These chairs have a smaller footprint which allows for more to fit around a table.
Depending on the material, you can stack between 7-10 chairs which allows for easy storage and transportation.


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